Take control of your super and start building your wealth.


PrimeAccounting work with the growing number of Australians who seek more control and visibility of their superannuation.
With our SMSF Ontrack™ program, our self-managed super fund (SMSF) specialists help you get the most from your super. In addition to taking care of compliance requirements and your annual audit, we provide proactive, actionable advice and recommendations on:

  • estate planning
  • tax minimisation
  • optimising cashflow

We work closely with the specialised licensed financial advisors in our PrimeWealth division who can engage with you to provide proactive advice and recommendations on :

  • creating a personalised SMSF strategy and structure
  • strategies to transition from accumulation to pension
  • acquiring new assets including property and shares
The advantages of SMSFs

More than one million Australians now manage their own super via a SMSF.
There are many benefits associated with SMSFs, including the ability to:

  • invest in a wide range of assets including non-traditional investments
  • buy and sell assets quickly
  • pool family super balances to buy assets you could not otherwise afford
  • minimise tax
  • optimise estate planning outcomes

Our superannuation professionals are here to support you with leveraging the benefits of SMSFs throughout the SMSF lifecycle – from set-up to wind-up.

24/7 access to your SMSF information

PrimeAccounting clients enjoy access to a secure online SMSF portal that allows you to check your super balance and performance 24/7. Your super is one of your largest assets, so we think it makes sense that you have a complete and current view of your SMSF at all times.

Contact us to speak to a SMSF advisor about how we can
work with you to optimise the performance of your super.