URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: JobKeeper registration deadline & more.

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: JobKeeper registration deadline & more.

PrimeAdvisory Director, Christian Borkowski, updates business clients on 3 important stimulus developments that (likely) require your immediate action.

Note updates have been made and posted on our new blog, click here.

1. JobKeeper Registration (note updates have been made to deadlines, please click here)

  • If you intend to claim JobKeeper payments for your employees for the month of April then you must register no later than 26th April and you must have paid all eligible employees at least $3,000 during the period 30th March to 26th
  • Registrations, (for April payments), open on 20th April & close on 26th
  • For clarity, if you haven’t registered by 26th April or paid your eligible employees at least $3,000 since 30th March then your business will not be eligible to receive any JobKeeper payments in respect of any employees for the 2 fortnights covering the period commencing 30th March and ending on 26th
  • Your business will still be eligible for future payments, but you will have missed out on these first 2 fortnights.
  • We have provided the following information on key dates & the registration process here: https://www.ato.gov.au/general/jobkeeper-payment/employers/enrol-and-apply-for-the-jobkeeper-payment/
  • You may be comfortable self-registering, but if you require assistance with registration please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are here to help!

JobKeeper Eligibility & Advice (note updates have been made to deadlines, please click here)

  • The purpose of this email is to ensure you are registered before the 26th April deadline.
  • We are available (and will be in contact with you), to provide all the advice you require in relation to eligibility of your business and employees after you have registered.
  • We recently provided this downloadable guide as an overview of available stimulus measures.
  • Government & ATO updates are being released regularly and we will keep you informed as required.

2. Small Business $10,000 Support Grant

  • The NSW government has announced a $10,000 grant available to businesses with revenue greater than $75,000 and annual payroll of less than $900,000.
  • The grant is intended to assist heavily affected (75% decline in turnover) small businesses to meet their ongoing expenses (including occupancy costs, insurance, professional advice, creditors etc)
  • Eligibility & registration process information is available here: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-small-business-covid-19-support-grant
  • Applications open on 17th April and close on 1st June 2020.
  • You may be comfortable self-registering, but if you require assistance with registration please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are here to help!

3. The PrimeAccounting 28 Step Stimulus & Business Continuity Checklist

  • We have developed a checklist as a tool to ensure that your business addresses every issue possible during these uncertain times, please get in contact if you have not yet received one.
  • Addressing these issues is important not just to survive, but hopefully thrive.
  • We are pleased to provide the checklist to use either as:
    • A “self-help” tool (DIY); or a
    • Partial DIY with some assistance from us; or a
    • Full advice & implementation by us.
  • We hope you find the checklist to be of value and look forward to your feedback.
  • If you choose the DIY path then you will find our downloadable guide & various blog articles to be great companion resources to the checklist.
  • If you choose to collaborate with us we look forward to working with you at this important time.

That’s all for now, but we’re sure to be in touch again shortly with more updates! For any assistance please get in contact 02 9415 1511 or email reception@primeadvisory.com.au.


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