Movember Special Release

Movember Special Release

Most people ignore it until it touches them or someone around them…

During this month of Movember, the team at PrimeAdvisory are taking on the challenge to raise awareness and support for prostate cancer.  In Australia, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men.

This challenge is one that is close to our hearts, as our team member Mark Greenwood was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year after a simple blood test.  16 months later after surgery, and a period of recovery the signs look good for Mark with all test results showing “clear”.

Sharing his experience, Mark exclaims, “I want to promote awareness of this insidious disease, it’s one of those things that is not dramatic but will slowly kill you. I understand that most people ignore it until it touches them or someone around them.”

When reflecting how this experience has changed Mark’s outlook on life he says, “Everything like this does change you in some way or another. There are so many things going on in the world and we are all busy, that it’s easy to ignore these things until maybe it’s too late.  I understand that a lot of guys my age do not even think about it.  My best mate even asked me how I found out I had it, and he is over 50 and never had a PSA test. Every male should be having this test over the age of 45.”

So how do you know if you have prostate cancer and are you at risk?

Your risk of developing prostate cancer develops from the age of 45-50 you should really begin having a simple routine PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test,  coinciding with regular check-ups with your GP.  Mark suggest, “You should see your GP annually and just get the test done. It’s a simple blood test, but you also need to create a history of readings to establish a base line.”

Early detection is key!   If detected early you have a 98% chance of survival beyond 5 years however if detected late you have a 26% chance of survival beyond 5 years.

To help raise awareness for this important cause, we are looking to raise $16,000 for the 16 months Mark has been clear!  That’s why we need you to get involved and help us by generously donating much needed funds to fight this disease.

We are calling this our 16/16 Challenge!


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Interesting Stories, Interesting Places Event

Interesting Stories, Interesting Places Event

Last week we hosted some of our gorgeous clients in the relaunch of our office through our bi-annual “Interesting Stories, Interesting Places” Client Event. It was a night of networking and celebration as we shared in the success of our clients through the launch of our “On Track For Life Wall” as featured below.

This wall was designed to share in the successes of our clients which motivates us as a team daily to do what we do. From comfortable retirement, overseas holidays, new houses, new cars, well-educated children, successful business restructures, business awards, the list goes on! So, will you be next? Afterall, a goal without a plan is just a wish…

Further, we saw many long-standing clients mingle with each other and share in their successes finding a surprising lot in common as they venture down similar travel paths post retirement. PrimeWealth Practice Manager Marie Mauger commented, “My favourite part of the event was seeing some of my favourite clients finally meet and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company as they discovered all they had in common, not just their Financial Advisor!”

Client feedback included “Great night – I do like your renovation and thanks again for your generous hospitality.” So if you haven’t come to visit us for a while, come check it out and book in a time to meet with your Advisor or Accountant and get your finances sorted while you’re at it!

We hope to see you at our next Bi-Annual Event in March 2020 and please contact us if you would like support in achieving your personal or business goals to keep you on track, for life…

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Meet the PrimeAdvisory Lindfield Rotary Fun Runners

Meet the PrimeAdvisory Lindfield Rotary Fun Runners

The Lindfield Rotary Fun Run is fast approaching and the PrimeAdvisory team have been working on their game prep.

The event is being held on Sunday 7th April at Roseville Oval, Clanville Road, Roseville.

This year, the full team have stretched themselves either by committing to their first running event or biting off the long course and participating in the 10k event. It’s clear that the team spirit is alive and well and there’s a fair bit of healthy competition between the team members.

Here we introduce our runners who share what’s keeping them running.

Christian Borkowski, CEO
“I’m a keen runner and we have been sponsoring the event for 6 or 7 years now. It’s a great community event, an opportunity to spend some time with our team and a good way to kick off my Sydney Half Marathon training program.

This year I’d like to beat my 47 minutes from last year – anything with a 46 on the front would be great!”

The best thing about running as part of the PrimeAdvisory team is that it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours as a team in a non-work setting. Everyone has a different reason to be there, whether it’s to post a personal best, walk the course, or spectate, we all manage to have a great time.”

Ben Norval, Advisor
‘It’s great to participate in a healthy activity that involves the community that we are a part of. My parents also met because of Rotary so I’m pretty thankful for all they do.

I’ll take beating Angus as a win, but hoping to do it in 45 minutes if it’s a nice cool day!!

The best thing about running as part of the PrimeAdvisory team is seeing the younger guys get involved who don’t normally run, seeing clients enjoying themselves and being able to interact with clients outside of the office.’

Angus Rodgers, Advisor
“I’m running because I love team sport and the comradery that goes with it. It’s a great opportunity for the work team to have a bit of fun and challenge ourselves in a different way. I’m a reluctant 10k event entrant so this year I’ll be happy if I finish in sub-1hour.”

Ryan Chester, Accountant
“I have been talking up my running exploits around the office for a while now and I thought it would be the perfect time to showcase my skills (or lack thereof). This year I’m attempting the 10km and hoping to come in under 50mins.

The best thing about running as part of the PrimeAdvisory team is the positive Competition as well as promoting an active lifestyle.”

Thomas Henman, Accountant
“I entered the fun run to motivate myself with a fitness goal to train towards. This year I’ll be running the 5km course, that leaves time for me to train for the 10km next year. Any time I make will be fine if I make it to the end but let’s say sub-35 minutes. The best thing about running in the team is that we drive each other to beat our own personal bests as we report back to each other throughout the week on how our runs went.”

PrimeAdvisory is a proud supporter of Rotary and the event. This year marks the 7th year running that PrimeAdvisory has sponsored the event and applauds the work that Rotary does in the local community.

If you’d like to join the PrimeAdvisory team running in the event contact us.

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Event 9 October 2018

Event 9 October 2018

For further information click here

To register please email



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