Fringe Benefits Tax Return Time

Fringe Benefits Tax Return Time

With the FBT year ending on 31 March and some tax saving ATO concessions related to Covid-19 being released, we have taken the opportunity to create a series of fact sheets that explain all things FBT. You can access the fact sheets below:

FBT 2021,01 – Why Should You Lodge a FBT Return with NIL Liability

FBT 2021,02 – How the ATO Identifies Potential Audits

FBT 2021,03 – What is a Car Fringe Benefit

FBT 2021,04 – Employee Business Cars Tips & Traps

FBT 2021,05 – Workhorse Vehicles and new Safe Harbour provisions

FBT 2021,06 – Meal Entertainment Factsheet

FBT 2021,07 – Minor and Infrequent Benefits

Keep an eye out for our emails in the coming days, to be followed by a phone call from your advisor to assist in ensuring that you complete your FBT return on time & with all the tax savings possible.


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