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Hybrid Workers and the Workplace

Hybrid Workers and the Workplace

By Prime Advisory, 28 February 2022

Covid 19 has certainly brought about change around the way the office model looks with many people embracing the Hybrid Worker trend.  Employees are finding the work/life balance control very attractive with the flexibility it offers. We can safely say the flexible work revolution is set.

With our international borders opening and restrictions easing up, many businesses are encouraging their staff back to the office and in response to the changing working environment many organisations will need to re-evaluate priorities to this new hybrid approach.

The balancing act of the needs of the employees and the needs of the organisation, with each presenting their challenges will be tricky.  From home, office or client spaces businesses need to be getting the Hybrid blend right.

At Prime Advisory, we are working to get this blend right and offer some suggestions which might be helpful.  Firstly,

  • Try talking to your staff and your leadership team to get it right. Learn from one another by understanding the challenges
  • Embrace workplace flexibility
  • Communication is key with staff and clients
  • Ensure everyone is visible regardless of their location and a platform for everyone to voice their concerns
  • Have a strong leadership team in place who are understanding and have empathy
  • Strengthen your organisational culture, make your employees feel valued and respected
  • Stay informed and on top of hybrid work digital advancements, with software & hardware
  • Build resilience and plan for uncertainty. This is as simple as keeping a close eye on your cash flow, maintaining close relationships with your clients, and keeping in touch with your client manager at PrimeAdvisory who can assist you with support.
  • Celebrate more, getting everyone involved, recognise great work, it’s been a tough 2 years
  • Focus on employee wellness

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