• Set up his own business
  • Optimised tax savings
  • Made his dream a success
Made it possible with
  • Business financial advice
  • Business accounting & tax
  • Personal tax
  • Personal financial planning

The challengeRealizing a dream.

Entrepreneur Nick Maoudis had spent many years running big, busy businesses giving his ideas to others—until it was his turn to make a mark. He took over Brick Lane Espresso cafe in West Pymble—but managing staff, paying rates and meeting obligations was a challenge. Nick needed a partner who understood his goals and could support him in realising his dream long term.

The outcomeSmall to successful.

Prime proved instrumental in helping Nick realise his dream. Structuring for tax enabled Nick to save money while always doing the right thing and his business has been propelled from small to highly successful in only a few years—to the point that he and his wife are looking at making the move to the country.

The opportunitySpreading the load.

Nick looked for accountants he could work closely with and trust. An expert team with experience and professional networks—not a solo act. Prime proved to be a perfect match, helping Nick structure effectively, navigate tax obligations and create new opportunities.

Nick Maoudis

So many times I’ve made tax savings based on their advice.

Nick Maoudis