• Brand new SMSF setup
  • Personalised service
  • Opportunity to scale
Made it possible with
  • Business financial advice
  • Business accounting & tax
  • Business structure review
  • Personal financial planning
  • Personal tax
  • SMSF accounting, tax & auditing

The challengePlain speaking.

Going into the senior role as CEO at Mosmar, legal technology specialists, Rebecca Painter wanted plain-speaking accountants who respected and supported her as a business leader—something she was struggling to find among older firms.

The outcomeAim high.

Prime equipped Rebecca with a strong sense of goals and planning—including developing standalone software products to diversify revenue streams. With Prime at the helm of the financial ship, Rebecca has the confidence and tools to aim bigger. “I have complete trust,” she says, “When our books were reviewed by a 3rd party—there were no gremlins under the rug.”

The opportunityTrue partners.

Rebecca found PrimeAdvisory—where no questions were off limits. She initially engaged Prime for tax services, then wealth management, SMSF and equity structuring—all delivered with respect and care. “I could call Christian with unknown questions, anytime.” says Rebecca.

Rebecca Painter

Prime showed up and had my back at an equity restructure meeting—I won’t forget that.

Rebecca Painter