Ways We Work With You


At PrimeAdvisory we’re passionate about understanding where you are on your financial journey, being clear on your goals, and partnering with you to create a personalised strategy – keeping you on track with regular catchups along the way.

1. On the same page – the first step is to ensure we understand what you need, where you’d like to be and if we are in a position to help. It is then important to ensure we want to work together as we understand your goals and objectives and set the course for the future.

2. Clear on the numbers – it’s often difficult to get a clear understanding of exactly where you are financially. Whether a business owner an executive or an employee we are often too busy to make sense of the myriad of numbers in our lives. We will gather all your information, ask the right questions to ensure we are clear on your numbers and fully understand your starting point.

3. Make sense of the numbers – now that we know where you are and where you want to be, it’s then important to make wise decisions and provide you with great strategies to get an understanding of what needs to be done in the short, medium and long term.

4. Agree on the plan – we then both commit to a course of action – and get to work.

5. Keep you on track – any long term plan needs regular tweaking, we’ll catch up to ensure that we are adhering to the action plan and are on track to meet your business or personal goals and objectives. The process then starts again at #1, are we on the same page, are we clear on the numbers, do they make sense, does the plan need changing and are we on track?


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