Discover the TAL Health Sense offering

Discover the TAL Health Sense offering

TAL Health Sense – who is eligible?

TAL insurance offers a product called Health Sense which provides their clients who are within a healthy BMI range (19 – 28), with discounts of up to 15% on Life, Trauma and/or TPD insurance. The discount is automatically applied to policies at application stage. However, the discounts do not stop there.

TAL Health Sense Plus – Additional discounting offer

TAL are now offering Health Sense Plus to existing client with that hold the Health Sense product. This allows those with a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) to apply a 5% premium discount on Life, Critical Illness and TPD Insurance premiums for up to two years.  Revalidation is required every two years to retain the discounting.

What criteria is required?

To apply for the discount, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be within the BMI range of 19 – 28.
  • Be below age 62.
  • You must not have claimed under any policies that you hold with TAL.
  • Complete a preventative screening with your GP.

How do you apply?

You will need to arrange the following:

  • Complete a preventative screening with your GP. It is best to be advised by your GP as to which test is appropriate.
  • Obtain an invoice, referral letter or other confirmation of a preventative test from your GP. This is required as evidence.
  • Complete the link provided to you over email at your two-year anniversary confirming that you BMI is within the healthy range and upload the evidence of your screening.

For further information on this offering, please reach out to our personal insurance specialist Luke Smith at MBS Insurance on either or 0452 515 739.


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